Core Mining Services

Bora Mining Services Pty Ltd focuses on providing the mining services which must governed by company values that being Cost, Time and Quality. The expertise drawn to match each project, is carefully selected to ensure that every aspect meets the aforesaid values. Hereunder are some of the core services being offered by bora:

Underground rehabilitation services (Opening up, re-supporting, etc)

This involves the opening-up of the old areas that have converged, or the walls (side, footwall and hanging wall) of the excavations have curved/ or collapsed in due to the excessive pressure build up. Once such excavation(s) is/are re-opened to the required dimensions, the re-supporting of such excavation with the right support units in line with RME is applied. Current similar works is being executed by Bora in Palabora Copper Mine.

Development of flat and Vertical excavations

This involves the excavating of lateral development ends and vertical developments to the required dimensions using both conventional and mechanised methodologies. The designs of the excavations are that of the mine owners and as such are used to baseline the quality control parameters of the works to be undertaken. Bora has undertaken similar works with Phalabora Copper Mine and has successful delivered a high-end quality of works which included the development of Raise Bora Chamber facilities.


  • Underground mining (Production on Precious and Base Metals)
  • Surface Mining (Precious and Base Metals)
  • Placer Mining (Precious Metals)”

Installation of support units (Anchors, Sets, Wiremesh, shotcrete, etc)

This involves the supporting of both side and hanging walls of the excavation or development end to enable it to sustain the distributional pressure to maintain its dimensions during the required operational phase of the mine. All support units as recommended by RME are installed to precession to achieve effective support mechanism of every unit. Similar work has been undertaken in Phalabora Copper Mine in both rehabilitation and during the development phase of raisebore facilities.

Conveyor belt installation and maintenance services

This involves the supply of right conveyor belt specified material to be installed, from the construction of conveyor steel frame to the installation of the belt. Maintenance of the belt to ensure continues availability thereby minimising downtimes is assigned to specialists within Bora. A regular pro-active maintenance schedule is drawn to ensure that its implementation has a minimum or no negative impact to the daily progress of the production activities.

Construction, Civils & batching services

Emergent from Bora’s sister company, which deals with mainly with the supply of shotcrete materials, Bora has mastered the art of designing and setting up efficient batching plants to achieve minimal running costs for the process flow for both shotcrete and concrete batching services. All related civils and other peripheral constructions required to complement the application of shotcrete and concrete is done in house. This include the underground roadways concrete paving, bullnose cementation, flooring, concrete lining during Sets installations and old areas backfilling.

Vertical & Long Hole Solutions

A niche market to assign Vertical and Long Hole drilling services to external service providers has surfaced and to that effect, Bora is championing a safe and efficient way to achieve best results. Bora uses a remotely controlled drilling machine to safely and accurately develop the Ore passes, Services holes, Vent Raises, Silos, etc. Another cost-effective way to get the best results with a manfree box holes.

Bora success strategy

Bora’s service strategy has served as recipe to its success. Having implemented this strategy in every project undertaken so far, Bora is boldly extending its service’ sureties to all our potential clients. Below are some of strategic actions plans you can expect from Bora:

  • Selecting and matching right skills to project requirements
  • Orientating the employees to the key aspects of the project at hand
  • Evaluating the team’s understanding of the project scope
  • Undertaking training to close the identified Gaps, and assign tasks as per individual capabilities and project understanding
  • Leading & managing according to Project KPIs
  • Engaging the Client for feedback on service rendered
  • Re-aligning the KPIs to continuously improve the services