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Shotcrete Panels Testing

We supply fibres for concrete reinforcement and we also Test shotcrete panels for energy absorption. There are three specific times that shotcrete testing is required:

  • Preconstruction
  • During construction at placement
  • After hardening and appropriately cured and aged

Production and use of quality shotcrete in underground environment requires rigorous shotcrete specifications, a carefully implemented quality management plan preferrably one that conforms to ISO 9000 approach. It also requires pre-production qualification of all materials and shotcrete mixture design as well as implementation of a systematic quality control inspection and testing plan for the aggregates, mix water and plastic and hardened shotcrete. These are the fundamentals and at Springbok Mining Suppliers, we have a tried and tested approach and never compromise on quality.

Our materials and staff make up a critical part of our value chain, our supply and application specialists are highly experienced and qualified.

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