Emergent from Boras’s sister company, which deals with mainly with the supply of shotcrete material. 

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Bora Mining Services has been in existence for a considerable number of years with over ten (10) years’ service, to primarily provide mining support services to complement its sister company that has, for years been mainly supplying shotcrete products in the mining and construction industry.

Bora Mining Services Pty Ltd focuses on providing mining services that are governed by key parameters such as time, budget and quality. The expertise drawn to match each projects, are carefully selected to ensure that every aspect meets the aforesaid values.


Below are some of the key reasons why Bora services are preferred by most clients.

  • Bora mining take the OHSA/Health and Safety as a high priority.
  • Safety is one of the core foundations of the mining industry and Bora take it as a priority to provide the Safe environment for our staff members and clients.Our company have policies and procedures that are followed to avoid and mitigate any incidents that are infringe of safety. This includes regular communication with our teams,PPE ansd annual medical examinations for all our mine workers and we also provide the induction program that helps the teams aware of the hazards and processes used in mines.
  • Bora Mining is committed in ensuring that the company complies with the mine requirements.
  • our services are solutions driven
  • provides comprehensive mining services
  • provides high end quality at competitive rates
  • well established track record to with well renowned client base
  • is 100% black owned company with professional services to offer
  • we are ready to offer our services as trail before the client decides on a long-term engagement
  • You get Quality services, Cost effective Pricing and your project is executed Timeously.

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