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Implementing concrete repair and protection with effective corrosion control measures is required to repair any damage and extend the life of concrete.
Springbok Mining & Suppliers has the solution for all your requirements.

a.b.e Construction Chemicals’ range of concrete repair products is based on synthetic resins, epoxies, silanes and cementitious materials.

Applications include waterproofing of concrete bridges, silos and buildings, coatings for protecting water containment structures against attack from their environment. We have a complete system for the rehabilitation of concrete and fast setting patching mortars.

leaching plant services

Springbok Mining & Suppliers supply services of operating the plant this being leach vessels, hoppers, filter-belts, dryers, screens and pre-stocking of finished products

We provide the client with 24-hour production operation in the leaching plant. 
This includes: 
 12 Hour shifts 7 days a week  |  Operating leach vessels  |  Operating of filter belt and hoppers  |  Operating of dryer  |  Screening and pre-stocking of final product  |  General Housekeeping of plant  |  Ensuring that target tons are reached  |  Reporting on daily/monthly tons produced  |  Daily reporting on plant condition.


We aspire to meet and exceed all your expectations and product certificates can be supplied on request.

All our products meet the SANS 50197 requirements and are ISO9001 accredited. Premixed bagged ranges and bulk dry mortar are available.

We offer customised concrete mixes that are developed in close collaboration with our clients. Our engineers create right fit-for-purpose concrete to meet the specific requirements of your project.

We can also assist in developing mix design solutions that will help you cope with any environmental changes.


High-performance macro-synthetic fibres for modern day concrete reinforcement.


We do seal solutions on mechanical equipment. This includes gland packing and mechanical seals.

We assist the client with the correct product selection for the specific application.

After the correct product is selected, we support our client with after sale service, as well as a dedicated team to monitor and maintain the equipment in the plant.


To provide the client with specialised quality service:

Equipment inspection

Proper product installation

Constant monitoring

Compiling monthly feedback reports

24/7 Service delivery


Goal: To ensure minimum downtime and to extend the lifespan of client’s equipment while being dedicated to cost saving.


We offer grouting solutions that cater to most demanding environments. These solutions are considered vital and have raised industry standards.

Millions of capsules have been sold, and continue to be installed to secure bolts around the world for safety and stability.

Our cement capsules are designed for easy handling in all bolting applications and have proven to be more flexible and simpler to use.


We offer environmentally friendly dust control products that are non-toxic and a dust suppressant that can effectively eliminate unwanted fugitive dust from unpaved roads of any soil type.

Dust Suppression Systems can protect from harmful respiratory diseases, as well as skin and eye irritations, significantly reduce the risk of fire and dust explosions and increase workplace visibility. Creating a healthier working environment, helping to boost employee morale and productivity.


We offer a grout that is formulated to improve stability of active cementitious grouts.


a.b.e Construction Chemicals’ range of specialised floor coatings are screeds based on bitumen, dry shake cementitious materials, self-levelling cementitious screeds, epoxies and polyurethanes. Typical applications are the protection of concrete floors and screeds against wear from traffic abrasion, as well as a range of chemical and thermal shock requirements.


Our products can also be used to provide decorative , supermarkets and other retail outlets




We have a large admixture product range on offer. As you know admixtures are used to give special properties to fresh or hardened concrete.

These chemicals are added to concrete before or during mixing, resulting in air-entraining agents, water reducers, water reducing retarders and accelerators.

Reducing the cost of concrete construction

Achieving certain properties more effectively

Maintaining the quality of concrete during the stages of mixing, transporting, placing and curing in adverse weather conditions

Overcoming certain emergencies during concreting operations

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